Ellis Portal is recruited by Toronto police detective Matt West to help after a famous movie director, filming in Toronto, is murdered in full view of fans as he arrives to attend a premiere, and his teenage daughter disappears immediately afterward. The search and the solving of the crime take Ellis from the glamorous film world into the violent world of the drug trade and the exploitation and trafficking of women.

"Heartfelt and often piercing in its portrayal of life on the edge."
Kirkus Reviews

"I crouched down. My hands shook. My teeth chattered and the taste of vomit rose in my mouth again. I reached out and pushed aside a piece of blackened debris that covered the face of the little corpse.

"She was dead but not burned. In fact, had her young head and neck not been coated with gray ash, she might have been sleeping. On her side, her knees pulled up, her feet in their heavy black boots one atop the other, a girl with a thin face and spiky hair lay with her lips slightly parted. She wore a black T-shirt. On the front in white laundry marker was written, "Back".

"'Legion! Goddamn it to hell!'

"There was no one in this deserted ruin to hear my cry. Even the rats were gone. I sat on the ground beside the body, immobilized by a need to mourn this inconsequential child."